Authors can register protocols and their titles by selecting and completing appropriate templates depending on the type of review they plan to conduct (e.g. Systematic Review, Systematic Map, Rapid Review, other) and the type of synthesis (e.g. narrative, quantitative, qualitative) they plan to conduct. When filling in the template please follow the guidance provided on the right of the page.

Systematic Reviews, Systematic Maps and Rapid Reviews are expexted to meet CEE standards of conduct and reporting. Other types of synthesis, such as scoping reviews of metaanalyses should aim to meet these standards as far as possible.

Authors registering a protocol in PROCEED can subsequently submit their resulting evidence synthesis to the journal of their choice, or use it to produce a report, whether commercially published or not.

All titles and protocols submitted will be subject to editorial checks before acceptance into the database and authors may be asked to make revisions before acceptance. PROCEED has an editorial board that carries out basic checks to ensure that protocols meet minimum standards for the chosen review type.

Eligibility criteria are set for the subject of environmental management and protocols out of scope will be rejected.